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Actor and typewriter collector Tom Hanks named the Hermes 3000 as the luxury item he would choose to accompany him on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs.The Hermes 3000 was a lightweight, segment-shifted portable typewriter manufactured by Pailard-Bolex. “Bulbous” and “angular” in shape, it came with a fitted, hard-shellremovable cover. The machines were built in Yverdon, Switzerland, by Paillard S.A.The Hermes 3000 was introduced in 1958 as a successor to the Hermes 2000. The original Model 1 was produced until 1966; with subsequent design modifications to the external casing and a variety of subtle changes in colour finishes, the Hermes 3000 wasYou’ll find a selection of working vintage typewriters priced from just £35 at The Swan Antiques Interiors & Gardens, Boxmoor, Hemel Hampstead, Herts. Please see their full page ad on page 9 of this magazine. However, please don’t expect to find a Hermes 3000 there. Try, etc!manufactured into the 1980s. Although it was a portable machine, the Hermes 3000 had a few deluxe features, such as a “beyond the margins” key and a separate key that could be depressed to free any jam- med keys and return them to their resting position. The typewriters predominantly came in a light green (occasionally described as a mint or “sea-foam green”) colour.A fully functioning early version of the Hermes 3000 in very good condition can now fetch anything between £200-700 in the UK to as much as $500-1,200+ in the USA.184 World’s Most Beautiful Typewriter ?The HERMES 3000 Mk1 1958 -1966

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